13 Mar 2017

Discovering the city’s characters

In this peddy paper we challenge the participants to discover the chosen city through its most legendaries characters and it's most interesting curiosities. Participants are divided into teams and receive a roadbook with the necessary information to start discovering the city through its characters.

As they arrive at check points, participants are asked to solve enigma in order to move on to the next phase. If they cannot solve them, participants will have to fulfil punishments, which will delay them in the fight for the victory.

The challenges are created in order to privilege the participants' interaction with the city and its inhabitants.

The activity and its challenges were also designed to strengthen team spirit, provide moments of fun and joint discovery among participants.

This activity is available to be held in any city in the country with special emphasis on Porto, Aveiro, Braga, Guimarães, Coimbra, Lisboa, Sintra, Évora, Funchal and Ponta Delgada.


About Ntourism

We are moved by passion and love of our own, genuine, authentic and we believe that the best way to discover a destination is through the eyes of those who live and feel it. Dare yourself and start discovering with us!