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  • Type: Azores, PORTUGAL

About this

The Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly halfway between Europe and America.

The islands are part of Portugal, but it is an autonomous region. The archipelago consists of nine islands, each with its own special things to see and do.

Islands are divided in 3 groups:

In the East, the warm white sand are inviting, and the vineyards covering the slopes look like giant staircases. Here you can enjoy the nature walks, hot thermal waters and volcanic lakes, as well as in the tasty “Cozido das Furnas” slowly cooked inside the earth, Capelinhos volcano, which resembles a lunar landscape. The beauty of the natural waterfalls and lakes carved out by volcanoes is dazzling.

The islands In the Central Group, are set harmoniously in the deep blue sea, where whales and dolphins can be spotted. You will find the World Heritage town of Angra do Heroísmo, as well as its festivals, is steeped in history.

One of the Islands looks like a mountain that emerges from the sea, with vineyards planted in black lava fields, a unique culture that also has World Heritage status. Don´t miss the unique flavour of the traditional locally produced .

In the Western group, enjoy the beauty of the natural waterfalls and lakes carved out by volcanoes is dazzling. The smallest island has a beautiful crater at its centre, and attracts many species of birds coming from both Europe and America.

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  • Type: Azores, PORTUGAL

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